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Festival Art souterrain

Festival Art souterrain
Montréal, Canada
03.04.2017 - 03.26.2017

Art souterrain

Contemporary Art Festival

9th edition under the theme "Play and Distraction"

With Omar Victor Diop

Montreal, Canada

March, 4-26, 2017

White Night, March, 4, 2017, 6pm - 1am, Guy-Favreau Complex, during the festival "Montréal en Lumière".

Theme : Play and Distraction

"To make a man happy is to distract him from the sight of his miseries", Blaise Pascal

Having fun is a legitimate human need. But when do activities that foster genuine empowerment or reflection become exercises in alienation and regression instead? Have we developed a "love [for our] servitude" as Aldous Huxley surmised in "Brave New World", allowing ourselves to be controlled, without coercion, by rules defined by others, and turning our backs on anything that requires patience and maturation?

Does this perpetual quest for escape solely denounce a growing frustration with reality or is it redefining our very nature? Have we become the Homo ludens referred to by historian and author Johan Huizinga, for whom the mechanism of play is consubstantial with culture?


Tunnel's Photo : Stéphane Batigne, wikipedia.