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Stop Ma Pa Ta (Ma matière première n'est pas ta matière)

Stop Ma Pa Ta (Ma matière première n'est pas ta matière)
Exhibition, Villa d'Arson, Nice, France
06.04.2017 - 09.17.2017

The Villa Arson is presenting an exhibition of artists from Benin in collaboration with the Lobozounkpa Art and Cultural Center in Cotonou.

The exhibition  highlights the emergence of an artistic production revealing not only their roots and  their culture but also their strong desire to question the present time and the closest political and anthropological events.

The majority of artists featured in the exhibition live in their country and have been developing art forms influenced both by traditional and by contemporary techniques,  adapting all the while to economic constraints and retaining a sharp awareness of the materials that they use. 

The resulting works are generous, as is the artistic scene in this newly emancipating country.

Featuring works by : Richard Korblah, Edwige Aplogan, Aston, Benjamin Déguénon, Daavo, Kifouli Dossou, Euloge Glèlè, Prince Toffa, Charles Placide, Psycoffi, Gérard Quenum, Julien Vignikin, Didier Viodé and Dominique Zinkpé