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Live Stream NatGeo's 2018 Photography Seminar

Live Stream NatGeo's 2018 Photography Seminar
Conference, National Geographic Society, Washington DC, USA

Omar Victor Diop participates in the Live Stream NatGeo's 2018 Photography Seminar, January, 10, 2018.

"The Photography Seminar has been going on since 1967, when a group of photographers gathered in a small office at National Geographic headquarters to check in with each other after the holidays ? and to look at and talk about their work. Within a few years that informal gathering grew into National Geographic?s annual Photo Seminar, a day-long celebration of the medium, attended by more than 500 people ? photographers, editors, and storytellers ? gathering to hear from some of the world?s most renowned photographers telling their stories of the power of photography to help change the world.  In 2018, we are welcoming more speakers than ever before, added lightning talks from younger-emerging photographers, and have incredible diversity ? in gender, race, photography discipline and style, and geographically.  And two keynote discussions are being broadcast live to the public, for the first time since the Seminars began.

The theme for this year?s event is celebrating photography that is changing people?s understanding of the natural world."

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