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Regards Hors Champ et Paysages

Regards Hors Champ et Paysages
La Fab.
09.25.2020 - 01.16.2021

Agns b. presents the second exibition of her collection at La Fab.

?A gaze out of frame is often a feature of works that move, impress and overwhelm me. I love the notion of the subject enjoying the freedom to look wherever they want. And the artist?s mark of respect for their subject.
?It?s the polar opposite of characters in commercials staring intensely at us with the sole aim of drawing us in despite ourselves. Sure, Mona Lisa looks straight at us, and that?s what people like. Her presence.

?But, in the Louvre, the mystery of a portrait of a young man gazing into the distance, Titian?s Man with the Glove, is what first captivated 11-year-old me. After falling in love with him, I went back several times as a teenager. Sometimes, I was just missing him. I think his not looking at me is what made me fall so deeply in love. The gaze out of frame opens up the possibility of another space, somewhere else.? agns