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Bamako Encounters

Bamako Encounters
The African Biennale of Photography, Bamako, Mali
10.31.2015 - 12.31.2015

During Bamako Encounters, artworks by JoŽl Andrianomearisoa is displayed at the National Museum of Mali, in the exhibition "You love me", inspired by the celebrated 1890 novel The Picture of Dorian Gray by Irish author Oscar Wilde.

The exhibition examines the image's function as a reflection of the body, its accomplishments and feelings. Wilde tells the story of a character bestowed with exceptional beauty who becomes conscious of its ephemeral nature through art.

Often, we look upon the photographs that have accumulated in boxes or on hard drives with a certain melancholy. What can these images tell us about the diverse imprints of time? JoŽl Andrianomearisoa's installation forms a temple destined to welcome these sorts of photographic documents, which he uses to share his nostalgic memories. Like an incantation, all of the elements that comprise this piece evoke Dorian's secret room, a place where the admiration of and the desire for beauty are the basis of a perpetual search for one's true self. The image offers a reading to be interpreted, affirming a belonging or a heritage.

The Bamako Encounters, the African Biennale of Photography, are back after a four-year break due to events in Mali. The next edition, the 10th, will take place in Bamako from 31 October to 31 December 2015.

The exponential increase in candidates for this edition (a total of 800 applications compared with 250 for the last edition) shows just how impatient artists on the African continent have been for the Encounters to return.

At the Musťe National du Mali, the Musťe du District, the Mťmorial Modibo KeÔta, the Institut franÁais in Bamako, and in various public areas, our guests will discover Bisi Silva's artistic programme. Bisi Silva is artistic director for this 10th edition of the Bamako Encounters and she is ably supported by her associate exhibition curators, Yves Chatap and Antawan Byrd.