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The Quarries of Imagination

Stones between Art and Artifact Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, Marcel Miracle

View of the building: © Intermediatheque, Tokyo, Japon.

The Quarries of Imagination
Stones between Art and Artifact

Intermediatheque, The University Museum, Tokyo, Japan

Curator: Huges Reip

September, 26, 2018 - January, 27, 2019

Including: Frédéric Bruly Bouabré and Marcel Miracle.

"As a new experiment in the Intermediatheque’s ongoing venture into Art & Science, this special exhibition co-curated with French artist Hugues Reip delves into the world of stones, through a unique installation combining contemporary artworks with scientific specimens. In order to elucidate contemporary artists’ renewed interest in stones as a new perspective on the natural world and on science, we are gathering a hundred items comprising scientific specimens from various disciplines and contemporary artworks rarely shown in Japan, belonging to collections in Japan and abroad. As various stones, belonging to such different realms and temporalities as nature, science and art, intermingle in the exhibition space, you are invited to consider how stones as natural objects are given form and function, gradually gaining the status of an artifact to which historical significance and social value are attributed."


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