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150 ans Printemps Haussmann

Nathalie Boutté

Printemps is celebrating its one hundred and fiftieth birthday with the Happy 150th event.

Printemps has invited 11 artists from France and abroad to create works on the theme of roses and flowers in its windows.

A showcase of creativity and innovation, each window is to be appreciated as a work of art, an emotional and visual treat, a place where new and established talents have let their imagination flourish. A feast of surprises and a delightful experience for the eyes presenting an array of exclusive Anniversary Edition products created to mark this very special occasion.

Selected for their expertise and their artistic vision, artists offer through their disciplines, their vision of the event of the flower that proves Spring.

Nathalie Boutté offers a cloud of peonies made of Japanese papers coloured by the artist with India ink. The quadriptych on canvas of 2,3 m by 4,4 m composes a light and airy set. The work of Nathalie Boutté gives the impression of flying.

First picture of the slide show : © Printemps Haussmann



Nathalie Boutté


Nathalie Boutté

Vivre Côté Paris


N°38 April-May 2015, p.42-46.


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