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Global Imaginations

Romuald Hazoumè

The Lakenhal Museum (Leiden, The Netherlands) organizes "Global Imaginations" from 27 June until 4 October 2015, an international exhibition of contemporary art. Global Imaginations is being scheduled to coincide with the 440-year anniversary of Leiden University and is the result of a collaboration with Museum Volkenkunde and LeidenGlobal. Twenty leading contemporary artists from all over the world have been invited to exhibit their work or to make a new piece that reflects their vision on today’s globalized world. The exhibition is hosted in De Meelfabriek in Leiden, an abandoned flour factory that reflects the city’s industrial past. The sheer size of the immense factory complex will ensure that visiting the exhibition will be a striking experience.

MAGNIN-A Gallery lend a major work by Romuald Hazoumè : "NGO SBOP", 2011.

Romuald Hazoumè lives and works in Porto Novo, Benin.

The installations of Romuald Hazoumè (1962, Porto Novo, Benin) are often as humorous as they are politically charged. As well as containing unmistakeable cultural references, they also tackle global questions such as consumer society, modern slavery and oil extraction.

This work "NGO SBOP" revolves around the fictional NGO ‘Solidarité Béninoise pour Occidentaux en Péril’, an organisation established specifically to help Westerners in need. In the installation that contains a film by the same time, familiar social and political models are radically challenged. This creates surprising new perspectives on the relationship between Africans and Westerners.

Hazoumè uses jerry cans in NGO SBOP, an object that often appears in his work and which for him is a symbol of social and political tension. They represent global dependence on oil in general and the underground oil market in Benin more specifically. For Hazoumè, the logo of the Elf oil company symbolises the earlier colonisation of Benin by the French.

First picture of the slide show : De Meelfabriek_© Corne Houwaard

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