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Architecture, Culture and Identity Omar Victor Diop, J.D. 'Okhai Ojeikere

The MAGNIN-A Gallery participates in the exhibition Africa, at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Danemark), by the loan of works by Omar Victor Diop and J.D 'Okhai Ojeikere.

With a comprehensive presentation of architecture projects, contemporary art and cultural history, a story of Africa on the rise is told. The exhibition shows that there are multiple alternative narratives about contemporary culture and history from the African continent?s many regions. These are necessary to refine our image of and view on Africa.

Louisiana?s architecture exhibitions are never just about construction and aesthetics, but rather about the physical and mental spaces that form our social communities, which architecture also shapes, interprets and changes. An architecture exhibition at Louisiana affects the life we live, the life that others live and the life we could live.

The Africa exhibition is the third chapter in Louisiana?s major series Architecture, Culture and Identity. In 2011, the museum unveiled the first chapter ? NEW NORDIC ? and in 2012, it turned attention toward the Arab world with the ARAB CONTEMPORARY exhibition. Finally, the trilogy's third chapter focuses on sub-Saharan Africa.

First picture of the slide show : Louisiana Museum_© Kim Hansen

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