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Africa Reframed

Omar Victor Diop

Exhibition views: © Africa Reframed.

The exhibition Africa Reframed will open June 2016 in Copenhagen as the first large exhibition in the region that puts exclusive focus on the intense and dynamic creativity of contemporary African photography. 

Africa Reframed is designed to operate on several platforms, each exploring different aspects of contemporary African photography. The project includes a large photography exhibition, a documentary film, and a website.

Set in central Copenhagen in the big beautiful space of Øksnehallen, Africa Reframed will run in the peak season of Copenhagen Summer, with an expected 20.000 visitors during the 7 week exhibition period.

Commerce & Culture is a social enterprise based in Copenhagen.
Since 2011 Commerce & Culture has created photography exhibitions, and collaborated with several high profile exhibition partners in Europe and the US.

June, 18 - August, 2, 2016
Øksnehallen, Copenhagen, Denmark



Omar Victor Diop


Africa Reframed Showcases the Continent in Creative Contemporary Context



By Kati


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